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Tuesday, August 12, 2014
Rocket City Wings gathering -- OH! Bryan's, 2136 Highway 72 E, Huntsville. Eat 6pm / Meet 7pm
Events Chapter Events / Rides
July - 2014
29,  Tue--T-O-D-A-Y-
 -Dinner Social -- @ 6:00pm-- Rosie's, 7540 S. Memorial PKWY, Huntsville Al.
31,  Thu-Dinner Social -- @ 6:00pm, Stanlieo's, 605 Jordan Lane, Huntsville Al.
August - 2014
2,  Sat-Chapter Ride -- Ride to Davy Crocket State Park in TN.  Meet at Publix Parking Lot (Jeff Rd. & Hwy 53) to leave at 9am.  Come early to eat breakfast at McDonalds.
3,  Sun-Breakfast Social -- @ 8:30am-- Atlanta Bread Company, 6257 University Dr., Huntsville AL.
5,  Tue-Dinner Social -- @ 6:00 pm Tim's Cajun Kitchen -- 114 Jordan Lane, Huntsville AL
7,  Thu-Dinner Social -- @ 6:00 pm Mellow Mushroom -- 2230 Cecil Ashburn Drive, Huntsville Al
9,  Sat-Chapter Ride -- Ride to Loretta Lynn Ranch.  Meet at Publix parking lot (Jeff Rd. & Hwy. 53) to leave at 9am.  Come early to eat breakfast at McDonald's.
10,  Sun-Breakfast Social -- @ 8:30am-- Mullin's Drive Inn, 607 Andrew Jackson Way, Huntsville AL.
12,  Tue-Rocket City Wings gathering -- OH! Bryan's, 2136 Highway 72 E, Huntsville. Eat 6pm / Meet 7pm
14,  Thu-Dinner Social -- @ 6:00pm-- Red Robin, 2720 Carl T Jones, Huntsville AL.
17,  Sun-Breakfast Social -- @ 8:30am-- Dunkin Donuts, 1221 Memorial PKWY, Huntsville AL.
Birthdays Birthdays / Anniversaries
July - 2014
1,  Tue-Serge & Barbara MSadoques' Anniversary
5,  Sat-Steven Hollingsworth's Birthday
6,  Sun-Bill & Bonnie Nelson's Anniversary
7,  Mon-Starla Brandon's Birthday
8,  Tue-Anita Fosnight's Birthday
14,  Mon-Aaron Lambert's Birthday
26,  Sat-Greg & Renee Dempsey's Anniversary

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Region A Conventions

Opry Weekend

GWRRA's Weekend at the Opry
Nashville, TN
August 29-31, 2014
Weekend at the Opry

Region A

"Let's Celebrate Freedom"
Eufaula, AL
September 11-13, 2014
Region A


Be a Clown
Gulfport, MS
October 16-18, 2014

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Location: Huntsville, AL

15 Reasons a Gold Wing would be stopped along the road

  1. The cappuccino machine needs cleaning.
  2. His co-rider fell asleep and he hated to wake her.
  3. He needed to put 10 new CDs in to the CD changer.
  4. The refrigerator mounted on the trailer hitch can’t keep the ice cream frozen on hot days so he stopped to eat it.
  5. He had a fax coming in on the first line, so he thought he’d better disconnect the modem from the second line in case someone was trying to reach him on the helmet phone.
  6. The last big bump made the lazy boy seat come to a full upright position, so he had to stop and adjust it.
  7. His tax accountant has scheduled a conference call with his portfolio manager, and he wanted to take a few notes.
  8. He just crossed a time zone and he needed to reset the VCR to record the right program for him to watch tonight.
  9. His A/C vents were pointed too far into the wind stream to keep him cool.
  10. He has a 200-mile gas tank range but a 175-mile bladder range.
  11. He stopped to take the chocolate chip cookies out of the oven, but now the ice cream is all gone, so what can he eat with them?
  12. He was confirming tonight’s reservation at the Hilton 800 miles ahead.
  13. He wanted to color in another state on his travel map.
  14. He had a bug splattered on his chrome and he needed to polish it before it dried on.
  15. He stopped to help the Harley that was stopped along the road
SafetyRiding Safety Tips

Riding in Traffic

Never get between a vehicle and an offramp

This sounds almost too simple, but drivers who decide to exit at the last minute kill plenty of riders each year. The simple rule, then, is to never position yourself between a vehicle and an offramp. Passing on the right is generally a no-no, but in this day and age it’s sometimes necessary. So if you do it, do so between exits or cross-streets.

GWRRA Neighbors
AL-H Athens (Athens Eagle Wings) Meeting
-- IHOP, Athens - Eat 8:00am / Meet 9:00am
[Next Meeting: Saturday, August 16, 2014]
AL-N Gadsden (Coosa Valley Wings) Meeting
-- Western Sizzlin, Route 77, Rainbow City - Eat 5:00pm / Meet 6:00pm
[Next Meeting: Saturday, August 2, 2014]
AL-S Russellville (Cedar Creek Wings) Meeting
-- Panda Buffet, 14633 Hwy 43, Russellville - Eat 6:00pm / Meet 7:00pm
[Next Meeting: Thursday, August 7, 2014]
AL-Y Birmingham (Liberty Wings) Meeting
-- Sherry's Cafe, 5800 Valley Rd, Trussville - Eat 6:00pm / Meet 7:00pm
[Next Meeting: Tuesday, August 12, 2014]

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