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Labor Day
Monday, September 7, 2015
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Monthly Gathering Next Monthly Gathering
Tuesday, September 8, 2015
Rocket City Wings gathering -- 7450 South Memorial Pky Blue Plate Cafe, 7450 South Memorial Pky SW Suite E, Huntsville. Eat 6pm / Meet 7pm
Events Chapter Events / Rides
September - 2015
1,  Tue--T-O-D-A-Y-
 -Dinner Social -- Join us at Red Lobster, 1818 University Drive, NW HSV @ 6pm.
3,  Thu-Dinner Social -- Join us at El Coyote, 6610 Old Madison Pike, #108, HSV, at 6pm. 
 -Wing-Ding (Thru Sunday)
6,  Sun-Breakfast Social -- Join us for breakfast at Cracker Barrel, Drake Ave, HSV, @ 8:30am.
7,  Mon-Labor Holiday
8,  Tue-Rocket City Wings gathering -- 7450 South Memorial Pky Blue Plate Cafe, 7450 South Memorial Pky SW Suite E, Huntsville. Eat 6pm / Meet 7pm
 -Chapter Gathering -- Join us for our Rocket City Wings Chapter Gathering, to be held this month at Blue Plate Caf, South Memorial Pkwy, Rosie's Shopping Ctr. Eat at 6pm, Meet at 7pm.
10,  Thu-Dinner Social -- Join us at Donato's Pizza, 7500 Memorial Pkwy. SW, HSV @ 6pm.
13,  Sun-Breakfast Social -- Join us at Denny's Restaurant, 4506 University Drive, HSV, @ 6pm.
15,  Tue-Dinner Social -- Join us at Logan's Roadhouse, 4249 Balmoral Dr. SW, HSV, (Just off Airport Rd.) @ 6pm. 
17,  Thu-Dinner Social -- Join us at Chow King Grill & Buffet, 2230 Sparkman Drive NW, #500, HSV @ 6pm
20,  Sun-Breakfast Social -- Join us at Golden Corral, 4920 University Dr. NE, HSV @ 8:30am.
Birthdays Birthdays / Anniversaries
September - 2015
22,  Tue-Judy Shows' Birthday

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Location: Huntsville, AL

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn't do then by the ones you did. So, throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.

-- Mark Twain

SafetyRiding Safety Tips

Not Good to Go
Street Strategy
--Motorcycle Consumer News

by Ken Codon

You're sitting at an intersection behind a sedan waiting to turn left across a busy intersection. The oncoming traffic has been steady and your patience is running thin, but you can see a break in traffic coming up. The arm and head movements of the driver of the sedan ahead clue you into the fact that she also sees the opening and is readying herself to go.

The gap is small. She'll have to move quickly if you are to also make it through the break in traffic. You nudge forward close to her bumper as the gap approaches. The last vehicle at the end of the line of traffic passes and the sedan begins to roll forward. Everything looks good as she accelerates across the oncoming lane, so you ease the clutch, staying tight to her bumper. Suddenly, she slows. A pedestrian who you had neglected to notice unexpectedly crosses the side street in from of the sedan. You straighten your bike and slow, narrowly missing the sedan's bumper. That was close.

But, now you are stranded in the middle of the opposite lane with a large truck barreling down. The truck blows its horn and you hear the squeal of its breaks. You're too close to the car ahead to maneuver around. Fortunately, the pedestrian sees what's happening and runs to the curb, and the sedan driver, also attentive to the situation, accelerates hard. You follow suit and get out of the truck's path just in time.

Even though sitting in traffic can test our patience, it's smart to take a breath before making decisions that can put you in a dangerous situation. It's also smart to scan for possible problems, such as pedestrians, before committing to a move. It's rarely a good idea to have your safety depend on someone else's behavior, nor is it smart to ride too closely to someone's rear bumper.

Before committing to a maneuver, ask yourself what you would do if things didn't go according to plan. In this case, it would have been better to wait before the car ahead was out of the oncoming lane before committing yourself turning. Or, you could have simply waited for another gap in traffic.

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